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Sleeping tight for 100 nights with our all-new Endy mattress

Jason and I are totally different sleepers. I’m a light sleeper, tosser/turner who wakes up at the crack of dawn while Jason sleeps like a log. Obviously, we’re a match made in heaven when it comes to sleeping! I’ve always been a light sleeper so I thought it was just how I am, but this year I’ve been making an effort to try to improve my sleep and sleep habits. I went as far to see a sleep consultant (and yes, it was so worth it!), bought a wake-up light which has been great in the darker winter months, and tried to cut back on my 3PM coffee habit and replace with herbal tea or a juice. All of these things helped but I’m still envious of how well Jason can lay his head on the pillow and pass right out.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of the hype, but when Endy reached out about trying their mattress, I wanted to give it a shot. I felt confident choosing Endy for a few reasons: the fact that they have a 100-night trial, with free pick-up, a full refund and no questions asked if you don’t love your new mattress reassured me that we could give it a try. I also love the fact that they’re Canadian-made, and their promise of low motion transfer and temperature insensitive throughout the seasons.

So we went for it! Jason and I had had our previous mattress for about 5 years and honestly it was time to replace it. I often woke up with a sore back and super hot especially in the summer months. But I always thought this was just me and my sleep style.

Well, it’s officially been over 100 nights, and I’m in love with our Endy.

Our Endy king-size mattress, sheets and pillows were delivered right to our front door at the beginning of February. FYI: delivery is free to all Canadian provinces and only takes 3-7 days from when you order - so crazy. I honestly couldn’t believe that a king size was wrapped up in the box, it was so compact! This is new to me after having slept on a spring mattress my entire life. Something to know is that Endy foam is not memory foam (I totally thought it was before trying it). Rather than memory foam, which can feel like sinking into a quicksand pillow in the summer and a hard rock in the winter, Endy’s unique, proprietary foam is temperature insensitive, maintains the same level of support through every season and allows for breathability and cooling throughout the night. It strikes the perfect balance between comfortable, cozy, firm and supportive. One of the best things I noticed right away was that I wasn’t waking up anymore with every little move from Jason. This is because Endy’s mattresses are designed to minimize motion transfer. It’s the perfect combo of firm and soft, comfy and supportive.

All this along with the fresh, silky, super soft Endy sheets, the 3-layer Endy pillow with breathable, bamboo charcoal memory foam, I kid you not, we were both sleeping like babies! The last 100 nights we’ve noticed a difference in our sleep and as a result our energy, attitude and overall mood has improved! We’re excited to crawl into bed a little earlier each night.

So, in conclusion: 100 nights into our Endy experience and we’re converted. If you’ve been considering a new mattress and unsure about trying Endy out, do it. You’ve got a 100 nights to try it. Plus, you can feel great about supporting a Canadian company, with all their mattresses being made in Canada! Get $50 off any size mattress when you order using KODETTE50 here.

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