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My love/hate relationship with the kitchen and our first ever HelloFresh delivery

Something you may not know about me: I love to eat but I’ll admit, I’m not the best in the kitchen. I wouldn’t say I hate to cook, but being in the kitchen is not my favourite. So much so that my amazing neighbours will sometimes even drop off dinners for us! They’re the best, we’re so spoiled but we definitely can’t rely on having our neighbours take care of dinner every night.

Despite my love-hate relationship with the kitchen, I like to keep it healthy throughout the week, and with the kids being busy it’s important to me that we keep dinnertime a routine and the fridge stocked. Especially at this time of year when we’re home as a family in the evenings. I have tried other pre-made meal services before to help me out but I haven’t stuck with anything long term. I’ve been hearing a lot about HelloFresh, so I was excited when they reached out to me.

HelloFresh helped me get set up on their Family Plan, which includes four recipes for four people. I really liked that I was able to decide when it arrived, we had everything delivered for Monday, and I was able to select recipes that were gluten-friendly. I loved the peace of mind of feeling set up for the week and not wondering what I could put together each night for the week ahead.

As someone who doesn’t love to cook, HelloFresh had everything laid out so easily, I honestly couldn’t mess it up. All the ingredients are ready to go (even the onions were chopped for me!) but instead of buying a pre-cooked meal like I sometimes do, you get to be hands-on without too much work. On Monday night, we decided to try the Game Day Chilli. YUM! Ryder and Easton were both home and because everything was so prepared and ready to go, I had the boys give me a hand in putting it together, and they LOVED it. My own little sous-chefs!

The quality of the meals is what surprised me the most. The ingredients were fresh, seasonal, and the recipes were healthy. If you’re worried about the serving sizes, there was plenty. We even had some leftovers to throw in the fridge for me to eat for lunch the next day.

From our first delivery, we also had three other really delicious, creative and fun recipes including Thyme Demi-Glace Pork with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli, a Pork Pizza Burger with Pizza Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese, Pretzel-Crusted Chicken with Roasted Broccoli and DIY Cheese Sauce. The boys loved the Pork Pizza Burger!

If you’ve been thinking about giving HelloFresh a try, now’s the time. Use my promo code KODETTE for 50% off your first box here and let me know what you think!

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