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Workin' It Out

I am constantly being asked about my workouts – how I fit them in with a busy “Mom life”, where I workout, what workouts I do, etc.  Simple answer - I workout when I find the time, and I find the time almost every day… working out is something I NEED for myself.  I find that if I don’t, I’m extremely anxious and that isn’t fun for anyone!  I make it a priority


We are fortunate to have been able to put a basic gym in our basement. We don’t have all the bells and whistles, just the basics. I usually head down there for my workouts.  However, I am a person who needs to get out of the house. I don’t like overcrowded gyms, you know the kind, gyms where everyone is just socializing and not getting a good sweat on.  I recently became an ambassador for The Sweat Lab. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t recommend anything that I don’t truly like. I felt it was the right fit for me, as health and wellness is a huge part of our everyday lives and Jason’s profession.  I love the Sweat Lab because they make EVERYONE feel comfortable, pro at classes or not. They offer a variety of classes (spin, barre, yoga and circuit classes), they LOVE feedback and the owners are knowledgeable in everything they do there. I have known the owners for many years now, and we have always bounced ideas off each other for a way of a better life… food tips, workout tips… we are on the same page. 


I tend to get my workouts in early (as long as everyone has slept through the night). The Sweat Lab has 6 am workouts that are my favourite (don’t worry, they have other times). I like spin and I especially like their TSL circuit classes. It’s like having a trainer for a fraction of the cost. You can do a full body workout before your morning shower!

If you want to check out TSL, visit to book a class at their amazing Aspen/Calgary location.  

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