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Cutting Sugar!

I love a healthy challenge! Summer can be a tough time to stick to my healthy habits, especially in the food (and drink) department...hello Rosé and patio snacks season! I'm happy to indulge with the boys being off school and having so many social events, but I don't like to get too far off track with their health or mine.

Before we get right into summer and Stampede season, I committed to a challenge: 7 days of reducing our added sugar intake! It's starting with Danone's new no sugar-added yogurt. Not too tough for me but keeping the boys in mind was a bit trickier.

Easton especially reacts strongly to sugary treats. I can totally tell when it kicks in and when he crashes, so it's a good healthy reminder for him, even at his age, to watch out for overdoing it on sugar. Sometimes I don't realize how sugar-filled some of our favorite snacks are, so I took a closer look and decided there were some simple ways we could reduce our sugar over the next 7 days...and hopefully beyond!

I've broken down a few of my sugar-reducing ideas below and would love to hear what you do to reduce sugar for you and your family!


As part of the challenge, we're starting every morning with Danone's new no sugar-added yogurt. It has no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners - not something that's easy to find in Canada! The word 'sugar' isn't even on the ingredient list. This yogurt is naturally sweetened with fruit, it's made with Canadian milk from local farmers and all naturally-sourced ingredients.

We've been enjoying it as is, or with some fruit cut up on top or homemade granola with no added sugar. We're keeping it simple at breakfast and even having the odd cup at night as a bedtime snack. Easton loves the peach, it tastes so summery, and he still feels like he's having an indulgent treat.

As if this yogurt couldn't get any better: Danone supports one of my favorite organizations, The Breakfast Club of Canada. I've been volunteering with and fundraising with the Breakfast Club for years and I'm so happy to continue supporting a cause I feel so close to! You can do the same: every time you buy 3 packs of Danone, one cup of Danone yogurt goes to the Breakfast Club of Canada.


We're usually pretty light on lunch, we'll do sandwiches, a bagel or something quick on the go. Instead of letting the boys have a little something sweet like a mini chocolate bar with lunch this week, I'm getting them in the habit of eating a few pieces of fruit or some nuts. Surprisingly they've been really good with the transition. Fruit is so much more abundant at this time of year, it makes it easier to stay stocked up, so I'm hoping this is a lasting habit! B.C. cherry and peach season is right around the corner, I can't wait to stock up!

Through this challenge, I'm also realizing how often I end up reaching for an afternoon vanilla latte or iced coffee to get me through the afternoon. Totally don't realize how much sugar they really have in them, so I've been trying to cut that out and go for a simple black cold brew as an alternative. This one has been a bit tough for me to cut out but it does the trick!

Snacks and in-between

When fruit or nuts just won't do, I've been looking for healthy sugar free snacks for in-between times or after dinner. I love popcorn as an easy way to hit my savoury cravings and the boys love it while we watch a bit of TV before bed.

I haven't tried it yet but I'm thinking Danone's sugar free yogurt would be awesome for freezing into yogurt popsicles (yum!) or in a smoothie.

I want to extend the challenge to you to join me in my 7-day reduced sugar challenge! Give it a try and be sure to enter Danone's awesome contest for a gift basket filled with innovative kitchen accessories and products worth $330! It includes a juice extractor and lots of other great goodies. Enter on Instagram here until July 8!

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