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Let It GLO!

*photo by Frida Backlund Photography*

I don’t know about you, but usually winter is when my skin goes crazy - dry, dull, red, flakey, and just blah. I’ve always just thought that this is the reality of living in a cold climate and I just have to suck it up. Well, safe to say I think I’ve got the winter skin blues beat with a few treatments I just had with the team at GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar!

I’ve stuck to my custom skin treatment plan for the last six months and I’m really seeing the difference. Their team of specialists have been incredible at creating a custom treatment and product plan for me, and they totally understand the “Calgary winter skin” that plagues so many of us. Their philosophy is not one size fits all, they really focus on creating a custom routine for your lifestyle and skin type to help maintain optimal skin health, prevent future damage and reverse the signs of aging. Today I wanted to let you in on a couple of the treatments I’ve enjoyed lately, with some photos to show you exactly what you’re in for!

If you’re ready to GLO, use my promo code Kodette50 for $50 off the BBL or Vampire facial and 10% off any other treatment of your choice. Just contact GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar or call 403-455-0444 today to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of GLO’s specialists.

1. Forever Young BBL Facial

The team at GLO has educated me SO much on my skin, how it reacts and how it ages. They’ve told me that skin is in a state of constant turnover, with new cells being created in the deepest layers. This process includes gene expression, which is how a cell receives its genetic code. It’s also a critical part of how skin ages. As more genes associated with aging are activated over time, the structure and appearance of skin changes. The Forever Young BBL facial can actually prevent that! It sends light energy deep into skin to boost the bodies natural ability to fight aging. Skin doesn’t just look younger—it’s genetically programmed to be younger!

The BBL facial isn’t just a beauty treatment: it’s a preventive regimen. It reaches deep into the cell and activates certain genes associated with youth, while turning off other genes tied to aging. As a result, you create more of the kinds of proteins and other building blocks you had when you were younger. New skin cells are actually programmed to be younger, giving you beautiful, youthful skin.

I was a little skeptical but I found out it was proven in a 10-year clinical study—one of the longest studies ever to show the results of a skin care regimen.

Here are some photos of my BBL treatment back in early November. Since then, I’ve seen improvement in my skin discoloration, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin tone and texture. Even better, it’s fast, easy, non-invasive procedure with no downtime

2. Botox

I have been a fan of Botox for awhile now. I primarily focus on my forehead - this is where I find I have the most expression (thanks a lot to squinting and looking at my computer) so I focus on the areas between and above my brows. If you haven’t tried Botox, it truly is incredible. Everyone’s different but I find that it lasts me about 6-8 months, and smooths the furrows between my brows and forehead lines. The skilled Cosmetic Injectors at GLO are SO good and evaluating your face to ensure that you get a natural, relaxed look.

3. The Vampire Facial!

This is the one I was the MOST excited to share with you. I’ve heard a lot about this treatment, and while I was a bit scared about having blood drawn at first, the team at GLO let me know exactly what to expect and explained the science behind it. SO cool and safe to say I’m officially into the Vampire Facial! Highly recommend it. Here’s the deal:

It starts by drawing a small amount of blood from your arm (hence the Vampire aspect haha). They separate the platelets and other growth factors from your blood into what they call ‘Liquid Gold’ or PRP - platelet rich plasma - this is the applied topically to your skin during microneedling. The microneedling provides a direct pathway to the deeper layers of the skin. The PRP is topically applied and absorbed by your skin, and your body naturally responds by producing more collagen and elastin and generating new cells for plumper, revived skin. It was AMAZING! I just had this treatment a couple of weeks ago and already I’ve seen reduced lines and wrinkles; smoother, more even skin tone and texture, reduced pores and best of all, tighter, firmer skin around my jowls and neck. My skin has literally NEVER felt better!

To see the process, head to their Instagram page to see videos.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! The team at GLO is so experienced and professional. Be sure to use my promo code Kodette50 for $50 off the Forever Young BBL or the Vampire Facial. Or 10% off any other treatment of your choice. Good until Jan 31, 2019. Just contact GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar or call 403-455-0444 today. *cannot be combined with any other offers*

xo Kodette

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