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Thinking About The Future: A Glimpse at My 2019 Resolutions

Like every parent, there are certain things that just keep me up at night. When the boys were really little (that seems like a minute ago) it was changing diapers and feeding them. Those were tiring times but as they get older, it only gets more complex. As we head into a new year, I’m trying to address some of the things that worry me as a mom. I’m someone who can let my worries about the future get the best of me, keeping me up at night or distracting me from the moment. Something I try to remind myself that there’s no sense in just worrying for the sake of worrying. I try to take action when I feel out of control. I worry about protecting my boys as they get older and inevitably I’m not able to watch over them as much. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing them able to do things on their own, gaining their independence and moving towards being strong individuals. I get choked up just thinking about it! But with that independence comes a lot of mom worries. While I like to let them learn things on their own, I think I’ll ALWAYS feel the need to protect them. This is especially true when it comes to anything involving being on the road or driving. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of people in my life to car accidents, so I’m extra anxious when it comes to driving. The boys play hockey and with that comes a lot of travel. Whenever they’re off to practice, a game, or even just to a friend’s house, I always, always make people text me when they get to their destination, especially when they have my kids. I know one day (too soon) Jason and I will be teaching the boys to drive and supporting them to get their own driver’s licenses. It’s a thrilling but terrifying thought that they’ll be behind the wheel one day. It’s something that I try not to dwell on too much just yet. That’s why when Allstate Canada told me about their Allstate Takes Action contest for their 10th annual Safe Driving Study and their commitment to making roads and communities across Canada safer, I knew I wanted to spread the word and get involved. Their Allstate Takes Action contest allows you to submit your own ideas on how to improve your community for a chance to win 1 of 3 $1,000 gas cards, and best of all, they’ll be selecting at least one idea to bring to life! Instead of just worrying about road safety, I’m making it my resolution for 2019 and beyond to do more to try to make our roads a safer place right here at home. Now is your chance to be heard too! What an awesome and proactive way to kick off 2019 and shed some light on our collective concerns about the safety of our communities and how to improve them. Calgary just keeps getting busier and the roads can be a scary place, especially in the winter. I’m getting ready to submit my own story for the Allstate Takes Action contest. Our community is pretty small and family-focused, but near the kids’ schools and arenas, I’ve seen parents driving distractedly or just too fast. I think it’s super important that even as busy adults we get check-ins on our driving habits and held accountable for the responsibility of driving. I’d love to know what’s keeping you up at night (whether you have kids or not!) and what you’d like to see change in your community to make it a safer place. If you want to make it a resolution to take action instead of worrying, join me in participating in Allstate Canada’s Safe Driving Study contest at the link here and let’s get started on making 2019 a safer, more stress-free year!

xo Kodette

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