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Making Time for Fitness: How I Do It

I’ve always been someone who needs exercise. It’s about so much more than just looking good for me: it’s absolutely essential for me in managing my stress and anxiety levels. If I don’t get my regular workouts in, I find my mood and my ability to juggle my tasks is totally thrown off. But I’ll admit, it’s not always easy finding time (and motivation) between family needs, work and travel. Over the years, I’ve found the only way to set myself up for success is to stick to a pretty rigid routine.


I like to get my workouts done early. I'm more motivated in the morning and it’s really the only time that I know there’s nothing else expected of me. No one is awake and it’s time just for me. Most days, I’ll start with a Fitbody Bootcamp session at 5:30AM and then go to spin at The Sweat Lab at 8:30AM. Of course, if Jason is out of town, my workout schedule is different and I can not go to the early class!


Some days I really only have time for an at-home workout. A few years ago, I bought the Kayla Itsines guide, and I find it SO helpful. Some days I'll do a few rounds of her workouts, but I'm also good at weight training myself. I figure I'm only wasting my own time if I don't put enough into it.

If Jason is gone, and I get my weights done while the boys are at school, I'll wait until after they go to bed and do an incline walk on the treadmill. I actually did a half marathon in September 2017 and confession: I haven't ran since! Lol! A good incline walk is what works for me now. And do not, I repeat do NOT, hang on to the treadmill anytime you are on it. Thats cheating ;)

When I’m really in a time crunch, or I’m travelling, there's also a good app called 7 Minutes. It's a good quick workout, and again, I'll do a few rounds!


If you know me, you know I’ve loved The Sweat Lab in Calgary since they opened. They offer a lot of great classes, but I enjoy spin and circuit class the most. I'm not good at barre so I tend to get discouraged. But it's a killer workout and they have great instructors.

One of my tips: I always keep my runners in my car (because I am usually in workout gear anyways), and if I’m out and about and there's a class I can pop in easily.

Another great quick, tough workout that I’ll sneak in is at Fitbody Bootcamp. They’re about 35 minutes and it’s a full body, HIIT burn.


I also like to make sure it’s easy for me to transition in and out of a workout and back into errands or time with the kids. I like to freshen up quick without having to do a full head to toe shower.

My favourite things to keep on hand after a quick workout are:

  • The Honest Co. 3-in-1 face wipes are perfect to wipe that sweat off, I’ll use them under my arms sometimes too!

  • label.m brunette dry shampoo is the best match for my hair, and I’ll usually toss my hair into a pony for the rest of the day or even throw a cute hat on. This Golden by TNA Anson basic black cap is my current fave.

  • I’m officially on the natural deodorant train! My favourite so far has been the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lemongrass. It’s fresh and it actually lasts me throughout the day!

I’m usually wear workout gear during the day when I’m not going to showings, but I’ll usually keep a quick change of clothes in the car or my gym bag too if I need to change. I’m SO happy athleisure has been a last trend, because I live in these Nike sweats with a cute pair of sneakers like my beloved pair of Air Max Thea (I’m on my 3rd pair of these), and a simple black tee and this TNA bomber jacket.

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