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Stocking Stuffers

I don’t know about you, but I’m not even close to being done my Christmas shopping. I’m usually more prepared than this!! I’ve been asking around, trying to get some ideas… the kids are pretty easy. They mostly want lego - done! Jason never likes “things” so I have to get pretty creative and thoughtful gifts. I’ve done pretty well in the past, and this year I also have some good ones. (can’t say though, or I’ll spoil it!)

If you’re like me and scrambling a bit, I’m hoping this post helps. Plus, my kind friends have forked out some deals for you. Everyone loves a discount! Especially this time of year.

  1. Candles. Can you ever have too many??? I love any by Coal and Canary!

  2. Aritzia…. always a safe bet! They have cute mittens in good colour selections! I have pairs of these everywhere… my purse, car, Jason’s car…

  3. I’m obsessed with my new arrowhead necklace. And what I love even more, is that it's made by a girl from my hometown (Nelson, B.C.). It's the perfect length, and wrapped in gold. Erin Then Jewellry

  4. I love S’well bottles. I think everyone does!! A lot of people don’t like to treat themselves to this kind of thing, so it's the perfect gift.

  5. I have bad habits. I know we all do. My vice is coffee. I can’t quit. I’ve failed at all attempts ( trying to limit my daily amount ). Sadly, its not great for the teeth. My favourite and easiest way to whiten my teeth is with SunnaSmile. Another great stocking stuffer, offering 20% off, use the code Kodette20 for this great item!

  6. Little Ice Tribe has been a favourite in our house. The shirts are softer than ever, I love the material. My rink blanket has come in handy for Ryder and I when we are cheering Easton on. The clothes fit true to size, but if you want the sweaters loose, then go up a size! They have been kind enough to offer 10% off your oder with the code: KODETTE10

  7. Frankie and Finnegan and I have come together for a T-shirt collab. This summer I posted a pic of a coffee shirt, which was a hit on my IG. So we came up with one of our own. Check out the collab T on the website! The best part, is 15% of the proceeds go to AAFS, my favourite place in Calgary. (available on Wednesday!)

  8. Sleep masks… a MUST. I go to bed before Jason and it helps not seeing the glow of the lights when he comes in.

  9. The Sweat Lab gift card… the gift of a healthy lifestyle! Always needed after the holidays. I plan on sitting around and eating a LOT. This is my local favorite gym, but grab a card for your local gym. And if you are in Calgary, try out The Sweat Lab!

  10. I’ve always been known to have good color on my skin… but I need help in the winter. My favourite is getting a spray tan at Organic Tan, but in between, if I can’t make it to appointments, I love having their SunnaTan spray at home. A non toxic, harmfree to be bronzed! It gives a nice even glow! I always get compliments, and sadly I can’t take all the credit. They have also been generous to give a discount code Kodette20 for 20% off. GREAT stocking stuffer.

  11. These earbuds are everything. They're super stylish, come in great colour combos, and are also good for working out(and come with a cute leather case). They really tune everything out with the studio quality sound. Even kids! I like to pop them in when I’m cleaning the house and not having to worry about having my phone on me to have music. These are Sweden based, but they have FREE worldwide shipping until Dec18 (tax free purchases). They came a lot faster than I was expecting! They are also offering up a discount of 15%. You seriously can’t go wrong. Use kodette15 at checkout Sudio

Happy holidays!!!

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