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Confession: I haven't had my eyes checked in a few years. Even when I could feel myself squinting at the TV or reading with the boys, I didn't really make it a priority. I know I need to wear my glasses more. And even find out if my prescription still works for me! Jason and I try our best to be good role models for the boys in taking care of their health and wellness. It’s so important to demonstrate good habits when it comes to going to the doctor and taking care of themselves. So, when FYidoctors reached out to invite us to come in for eye exams as a family, it was the perfect push I needed. I didn’t realize I should be getting my eyes checked every 1-2 years and as the boys grow up, the optometrist recommended once a year for them too.

We went to the FYidoctors location in Aspen Landing, right nearby our place which was super convenient. They have 15 locations in and around Calgary (I didn’t realize they were Canada’s largest eye care provider) and we were able to book and confirm our appointments online. So easy.

The boys hadn’t ever had an eye exam before. They’d never mentioned having any trouble seeing or reading, and I’ll admit, I was a little worried with how Ryder would handle it. I know eye exams are pretty hands-on and can be a little stressful on the senses, but I was excited for him to experience and learn more about his vision. Easton wasn’t really into it at first, until we got into the swing of things, he ended up being really curious about his eyes and the test. Not surprising - their favourite part was looking at the cool blown up scanned image of their eyeball. Ha!

Our optometrist was SO good with the boys. He was patient and easy-going, he cracked jokes with them, made it fun and answered all of their questions in a way they could understand. We all got to go into the room together for our exams, so it was the perfect opportunity to set the example for the boys that I was getting my eyes checked too (mission accomplished) and make sure they felt at ease. I didn’t realize that FYidoctors has been around for over 10 years, and you can really feel the level of expertise and technology they have. It went smoothly and was a lot of fun.

Even more fun than the exam is getting to think about shopping for a new pair of glasses - mostly for me! It was reassuring to learn that neither Ryder or Easton needed glasses at this point. Woohoo! Ryder was recommended a very light prescription, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary just yet. But again, no surprise, they both WANTED glasses by the end of the visit! They felt like it was cool which is great, I never want them to think glasses or contacts are nerdy.

I do wear a prescription, and I actually love wearing a good stylish pair of frames as part of my look, but it was just wasn’t something I kept high on my to-do list. I also don’t have prescription sunglasses because I kind of always thought they couldn’t be stylish, but I was wrong!

We tried on some frames after the exam, and while I generally like to order as much as I can online, glasses are way too hard to visualize online. You need to try them on your face! I was so impressed with the designer selection they had, from Ray Ban, Jonathan Adler, Michael Kors, Fendi and Cole Haan.

We had such a good experience from start to finish. I’m so excited to get my new frames from FYidoctors, and I’ll definitely be bringing the boys back here for continued eye care as they grow up.

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