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Welcome to my house! Part 2: My Kitchen

Welcome to my house! I’m continuing my home tour into the heart of our home: our kitchen!

The kitchen is where all the action happens. I feel like the best conversations happen around our kitchen island. It’s also where I spend some of my favourite quiet moments, including my favourite time of the day, early in the AM before everyone is up, with a cup of coffee.

I’ll be honest, we haven’t upgraded or changed our kitchen since we moved in. We were lucky that our kitchen was new + perfect when we bought it, and I still love it! I love that our kitchen is at the centre of the house and open to the living and dining room so we can talk and interact there as a family. I get to watch the boys while I make breakfast or dinner, they like to sit there while they do their homework and tell me about their days, and Jason and I always have our best convos over a glass of wine while we sit at the island or clean up together.

We don’t plan on renovating or upgrading the kitchen anytime soon, but I still like to introduce new things and make little updates here and there to make it feel fresh. One of my favourites new items in my kitchen: my new Nespresso.

It’s more than just my coffee, it’s my morning ritual and my favourite time of day. I recently stepped up my coffee game with a beautiful new Nespresso coffee maker. It’s so nice to be able to make a single espresso (or 2, or 3) for myself instead of a big pot every time. I usually need a little afternoon pick me up when I’m working from home as well, so I can make a quick cup or latte for myself. Whenever I have it on hand, I’ll add in my favourite Juice Because Norman almond mylk, it’s a treat.

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