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My Four Tips for Summertime Health + Fitness

It’s officially summer! It’s my favourite time of year: the weather has been beautiful, school is winding down for the year and I feel like it’s all about making the most of the sunshine over the next few months. It’s also the time of year when I want to be looking my best, but at the same time, I find it can be hard to stay motivated to get into the gym when I’d rather be with the family or going out for patio drinks with friends.

I’m typically very set in my health + fitness routines, but during the summer there are a few things I do to switch it up so I can enjoy myself and still look + feel great.

A new look

This sounds so superficial, but, it totally works. For summer, I like to treat myself to a couple new pieces to keep me motivated and moving. I usually tuck away my thicker lululemon tights for the next few months and swap them out for something more lightweight, like the Align Pant, I love their new rose colour for summer.

Back on the bike

I’m usually a spin addict at The Sweat Lab, I like to get up and get to their early classes as my go-to routine. It’s such a good way to de-stress, set the tone for the day and get in a good cardio burn. But during the summer, the days are longer and I find my energy is better in the evenings for activity. In the last few weeks, we’ve been getting out for the real deal with a bike ride with Jason and the boys. I love that we can take off right from our front door for a family ride. We just got new bikes for the whole family from Canadian Tire, and we’re having so much fun.

I’ll still get in strength training (I usually hit my at-home gym) at least 3 times a week and mix in a spin when I can!

Instant sunshine

No matter how many spin classes or squats I do, when it’s time to get into my bathing suit in the summer, I always feel better when my skin tone is glowing and even to feel fully confident. I will always opt for a sunless SunnaTan airbrush tan at the Vanity Vault, or a touch of their Colour Me Dark or Keep Me Golden when I need a quick hit of colour.

Summer sipping

I love a good cocktail or glass of white wine in the summer, but I also know I can’t go overboard if I want to stay on track. I set 2 rules for myself (with the exception of Stampede) whenever I go for summer drinks or have friends over: first, I make myself have a glass of water in between every glass of wine, and secondly, I avoid any sugary mixed drinks (or limit myself to just one treat) and stick to water and citrus as mix, like a gin, lots of ice, water and a couple lime wedges.

xo kodette

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