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Welcome to My House- Part 1: Updating the Boys Rooms

Welcome to my house! Step right in, I’m taking you on a tour of my home! Well, parts of it at least! I often get asked about making the use of our space as a family, and especially now that I’m a Realtor and get to peek inside so many cool homes across Calgary, I’ve become super aware of spaces. We’re a busy family of four - plus Aspen who is more like a third child. We love to cook, eat, relax and BE home. I don’t want to say we’re homebodies, but we use every square foot of our home. Jason and I work out there, I work there from my home office, the boys need their own space to play, learn and grow-up.

Recently I noticed a transition in our lives with me working, the boys getting older and Jason busy and travelling a lot with work. We’re getting older and it’s time to update the house a bit to suit our needs. Over the next couple of months I’ll be featuring different spaces of my house as I make some updates and improvements. I’m not talking big renos (maybe one day) but just some small, budget-friendly edits to help improve the functionality.

First up: no surprise, the boys were my first priority! It’s really important to me that they have fun play spaces throughout the house, but also their own rooms that act as a retreat for them to hang out alone or together, read, play, learn and just get to feel like their own little individuals.

Ryder is headed into grade 4 next year and Easton just turned 7, I don’t want to admit it but they’re not little babies anymore!

They weren’t complaining about their rooms, but I wanted to make some updates.

I started with their beds- they were recently in twins. It can be tough with purchasing big items like this for kids because you know they’ll be outgrowing it in a few years (so I went up in size for their beds), I still wanted something that looked cute and was good quality. I went with this bed for both of them, from Wayfair. I waited for their big sale, and it was worth it. While I was on a roll, I updated their bedding from Home Sense. We also got them small desks for their rooms from IKEA as seen here (Easton uses his to build Lego on).

Ryder loves to be in his room after a busy day at school, so it was important for him to have a good space to read and have some quiet time.

Easton loves to build Lego, so I make sure he has plenty of room to be creative with it.

Boys will be boys and they’re not exactly gentle on things. We try to take care of the paint in the house to keep the walls looking fresh. Most recently we painted the boys rooms with Benjamin Moore- a cloudy white. We’re not opposed to painting the boys’ rooms a crazy colour if they asked for it, but we like to keep the entire house fairly neutral.

Next up will be our home office!

xo Kodette

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