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Spring Cleaning

I love a good spring tidy up - around the house and for myself. As soon as April hits, I’m ready to freshen myself up. If you know me, you know I’m not really the high maintenance kind when it comes to beauty. I like to keep my routine simple, so The Vanity Vault has become my go-to since they have everything under one roof and it’s in a great location (with free parking too!) in Killarney at 2920 23 Ave SW. They’ve got an amazing team of experts and you can book everything you need in one day from hair, nails, waxing, OrganicTan airbrush tanning (who else could use a little extra colour right now?!) and even SunnaSmile teeth whitening.

Here’s my simple spring cleaning line-up:


I love getting my dry, dead-ends chopped off from the winter and getting my hair colour freshened up for spring. I don’t shake things up too much with my hair, I usually keep it dark and about the same length, but it feels so good to get a clean up. I usually see Bettina at The Vanity Vault for a cut and colour. They also have this amazing hair mask that everyone needs!! It has really given my hair the boost it needs.


Before I went to Scottsdale for Easter, I realized my feet were so dry and needed some love. I got a mani and pedi at the Vault and I couldn’t believe how much better my hands and feet looked. This long winter has wreaked havoc on my nails and skin. They have such a clean relaxing space where I can unplug for a bit while I get my nails done.


I’m naturally more olive-skinned, but I still start to feel kind of pasty this time of year, like I just need a little extra glow, especially if we’re going somewhere warm and I want to reveal more skin. I’ll always get an OrganicTan airbrush spray tan before a trip, but sometimes I’ll just get one for a normal week. It helps me feel a little more confident in my workout gear, and I can wear less makeup for meetings and open houses because my skin is already looking flawless from their all-natural custom, airbrush glow. The vanity Vault also has an amazing tan in a spray bottle. With the exfoliating mitt and the coconut oil and lotion, I call this set the dream team.

Take advantage of a few of the offers at Vanity Vault:

-Smile & Glow $119 ( SunnaSmile teeth whitening and all natural airbrush tan).

- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 2-6pm airbrush happy hour tanning.

I’m also sticking with my new skin care routine from GLO Anti-Aging! In case you missed my blog post about my treatment plan and product line up from them, you can find all the details here. Every morning and night, I wash my face and use all my skin care potions.


Spring is a great time to try out a juice cleanse to reset after a winter of heavy eating (and maybe a little drinking.) Giving your body a break from eating aids your digestion and metabolism to function at optimal levels, promotes increased nutrient absorption and allows for an increase in energy. I’ll do juice cleanses all throughout the year, sometimes a single day and sometimes longer. I’ve been loving Juice Because because they take the guesswork out of a cleanse AND they deliver right to your door within Calgary. All of their cleanse programs are formulated by a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and include clear instructions and tips for getting through it. Not to mention their juices are delicious, handmade locally and they come in glass bottles. Plus they have multi-day juice cleanse options that allow light eating. I know a lot of people would pass out having only juice all day!

Our family is big on digestive health, so also love to drink Bo & Marrow broth for gut health, along with daily probiotics and digestive enzymes. We find the bone marrow broth is so helpful with all of its collagen for hair, skin, nails and joints. We also use DoTerra gut oils as well that we rub on our stomachs. We take a lot of vitamins and supplements as well. Turmeric is big for us, along with multivitamins and fish oils. Onnit makes these great packages that are so easy and foolproof to make sure you are getting what you need.

xoxo kodette

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