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With our life going through a major transitionary period I needed something for me. It’s been a busy household lately, specifically with Jason in a career swing and me getting my real estate license and heading back into the mainstream-working world. It was obvious that my plate was full. And although it’s no secret that I love a full plate of loaded nachos, healthy living is always a priority in our house. Enter Made Foods; A healthy meal delivery service with locations serviceable to a wide Calgarian demographic.

Convenience is what I needed. I always get asked about what I do to maintain a healthy lifestyle…and it’s honestly about moderation and getting help where you need it. I gain weight easily and food is often the root cause for so many. I get it. It’s hard balancing it all sometimes so when I found Made Foods it was a no brainer. First of all, they deliver which was key. It’s easy and healthy for our nights that are filled with Ryder and Easton’s activities or getting to one of Dad’s ‘Hitmen’ games. We convert that time wasted on cooking/clean up and focus on what’s important: Home time- Not hectic time, Happy Kids (because did I mention they have Kids Pack that the boys devour? No? Well they do), and helping (Me) make better meal choices when I’m in a time crunch.

I’m so pumped to be an ambassador for Made Foods. They have been there for me, giving me exactly what I have been looking for as we move forward in our careers. But it’s not all about the nights. Our mornings are equally as jammed packed as our after school hours. Keeping the boys in routine and starting the day off right is essential. I workout 5-6 times per week, usually at 6am while everyone is sleeping or just after school drop off, so I need foods that keep me energized throughout the day and give me the boost I need for strong and effective workouts not to mention keeping up with Ryder and E.

My Go-To Made Foods to start my day off right:

Green Eggs and Naan – Protein Packed, delicious, a FEEL GOOD meal!

Smoothie Bowl – Amazing Flavor! Open and Eat! She’s Low Maintenance.

My Post-Workout Recovery is always a homemade Green Smoothie. You can do it easily at home. The benefits speak for themselves: Boost your immune system, increased energy, natural weight loss, increase intake of required fruits and veggies, Anti-Inflammatory, Packed with Anti-Oxidants and minerals to promote strong bone and body health, and can help to improve mental clarity and focus. Get this smoothie in your mix.

  • Pear

  • Spinach

  • Romaine

  • Hemp Seeds

  • Green Apple

  • Cucumber

  • Avocado

  • Green Grapes

Stay Tuned here on the blog for more deliciously convenient food tips and tricks. Do yourself a favor. Stay Healthy my friends.

xo kodette

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