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Poppy Barley Pop Up!

I like to support as many local businesses as I can and this amazing company comes from Edmonton- which is close enough for me! I have a hard time with shoes and boots.... I have wide feet, which is never favourable for me. But I gave these Poppy and Barley ones a try and I am being completely honest that they are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I did not need to break them in at all!

We are lucky to be close enough to Edmonton that these ladies are able to come here and have a pop up shop so you can get fitted into a pair. Buying online is so hard when you have no idea what to expect... I get that. So its really nice they are setting up!

The best way to get into a pair is to go to this link

From there you can book your appointment and they will have time designated just for you. They're setting up at Plant in Inglewood, which is one of my favourite places here! Poppy and Barley are in Calgary from October 11-14.

They also have amazing bags and backpacks. My go to is this backpack.... it has a strap that you can convert to a messenger bag as well. It is amazing quality- You really can't go wrong! I hope you make it to Plant to give this company a try!

xo kodette

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