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Sparkling Hill Resort

I was completely honoured a few months ago when my girlfriend Ally asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in January. So this summer we started the stagette planning, and we decided that a low key one was more her style. We bounced some ideas around and came up with Sparkling Hill.

Despite having my family in Vernon, I have actually never been to Sparkling Hill. I was completely blown away. It was so beautiful and the views were amazing. Another big perk... the staff was so kind and went above and beyond for us.

We had a very low key day and night and loved every minute of it. We enjoyed the spa and all their saunas. They feature 7 different saunas and steam rooms- sweat it out!! Then we just spent some time exploring the resort, drinking wine and hanging out in the room.

We stayed on the resort for all our meals and it was great! They have a fig salad that I could eat over and over. And we all really enjoyed the brunch the next morning.

It was the perfect getaway, we stayed one night which was enough. If you want to hike or golf, two nights would be a good amount of time.

We had a great time, some ridiculous laughs and catching up. It was worth the stay!

xo kodette

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