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May Long Weekend

Life has been busy!! I can't believe it's been a month since I posted last. I love being busy though... I thrive on it! We have been having a lot of family time lately, which is so nice. Easton has been busy with baseball, Jason is working on some goalie camps, Ryder is socializing more and more every day. And for myself, I have a few things on the go that I can't wait to share!

We went house boating for May long weekend, and it was AMAZING. I was nervous about the boys on the boat, but we made sure they were very current on their swim lessons before we left. My aunt and uncle own 3 house boats in Sicamous B.C., and my whole family went out on 2 of those boats. On the weekend we celebrated my Mom and step dad and their wedding. It was super low key and chill - just how they are! It was an awesome excuse for a long overdue family reunion. I love my family, and I wish we got to see them more often. Everyone is so laid back and easy going. I took almost 900 pictures, so you know it was good!

We spent the weekend lounging on the boat, hanging out around the fire, fishing, eating, and of course lots of laughing. Ryder got his first taste of catching a fish, and then losing it. Poor guy was not prepared for that disappointment. But, he caught one again and that was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for him. I love new experiences with the boys, and this one definitely topped the memory list with them! Both boys had the absolute time of their lives! Ryder made sure that everyone knew, every day, how much he loved house boating. It was so sweet.

One of my brothers came up to me at one point and told me how amazing it is to see Ryder's progress. How much he engages and interacts now, and wants to be a part of everything. He has been away at school, so I don't get to see him that often. For me, this is really amazing to hear from my brother who is only 22 and notices these big changes in Ryder - it really means a lot!

It was one of the best weekends we have had in awhile. I hope that we can keep this up with my family and get out on the boats every summer!

xo Kodette

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