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Ryder has been asking us for over a year to take him to Legoland. We finally got the chance during their 10 day break this month.

I never expected it to be as great as it was. We stayed at the Legoland Hotel, which is right on the resort. We got a pirate themed room, which had bunk beds for the kids (and a trundle bed), they have Lego in a safe for the kids to keep. Which to get the code, you had to go on a scavenger hunt for- so cute. There were lego bins absolutely everywhere for kids to just play. They had this huge ship with lego bins that the kids were so into. The best part was the bar for the parents. It was right in front of the ship, with chairs lined up. So you could chill and the kids could have a blast.

I would say we had more fun than at Disney. It wasn't as crazy busy, the lines weren't outrageous, and best of all, my kids are at the age where they could go on every ride they have to offer at Legoland. They have Lego characters dressed up and walking around, you can trade lego guys with the staff at the hotel, park and aquarium. It was really amazing.

The water park was just as good. Our boys love water slides, so they had the time of their life there. The good part about staying at Legoland Hotel was that we could go back quick and change into our swim suits and go in the water park. It was really convenient.

We loved everything about this place. From the elevator dance parties, to the friendly staff, to the pass they offer for people with assisted needs. It was a great experience. I'm so glad we went. Plus, we really needed to distract Ryder from having that much time off of school! He really doesn't like being away that much!

After Legoland, we took the boys to Scottsdale for 3 nights. The first 4 years of Ryder's life were spent there when Jason played for the Coyotes. So he really misses it... we all do!! It was great to get back and see old teammates and friends. The boys swam a big chunk of our time there. We also love going to Cracker Jax with the boys. They have mini golf, bumper boats, go karts and a few other activities! It was really cool to take Ryder into places he remembered and just watching his face as he processed it all (we have been back to visit a few times since we moved from there, so it has stayed pretty fresh in his mind). It was a great visit and so much fun for all of us.

It was a great break!! We love spending time with the boys and making memories like that! Next adventure for us is house boating next month! Can't wait!

xo Kodette

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