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Autism Awareness Month

....One of my favourite months!! I find that the awareness just keeps growing and people are finding new and exciting ways to get the Autism word out! If you haven't checked out my link under the Philanthropy tab I suggest you do! I'm co-hosting an Autism Awareness event showcasing individuals on the spectrum who are absolutely thriving! It's tomorrow, so I will post pics of the event shortly after.

A small fundraiser I do every year, is participate in helping Stella and Dot raise awareness and funds for the Holly Rod Foundation. Its a great cause- plus the bracelets are always really cute!

Canadian friends, you can click this HERE to order.

American friends, click HERE to order.

Another one I LOVE, is made from an old teammates wife. She gives back to one of my favourite places in Phoenix. Seeds for Autism. They give people on the spectrum a life, a purpose and so much confidence. I chose this place to donate to because I believe in everything they do and how they treat people, and because Ryder was diagnosed in Phoenix. So it is definitely a place that is close to our hearts. This year St3m Designs has come up with a wrap bracelet that can double up as a choker. Can't beat a piece that is a two in one!!

Click the link below for this product (they ship to Canada as well as across the US):

Thank you for always supporting us in all that we do. Your constant encouragement for our family is always appreciated. You all are always so open to learning more, its amazing!!

xoxo kodette

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