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Health part2

As promised I'm adding more things that we love!

We added himalayan salt lamps to our home decor about a year ago. You can find their benefits here

We love them, they're always on, and I think they're cute! The one in the boys room doubles as a night light! We picked ours up at a Community Foods store here in Calgary.

When Jason was in Philly they had an amazing nutritionist there. She always had good tips to make changes in your everyday food lifestyle that were small, but very beneficial. One of those that we really stand behind is using avocado oil. We know a lot of people use olive oil for cooking, but its actually not a hot oil. Avocado oil is better for high heat cooking. (of course we also use coconut oil for that as well). Avocados are absolutely amazing, so of course you can expect the same from its oil. Benefits found here.

Apple cider vinegar. Jason is way better about this than I am. I wish I could shoot it every morning like he does. But I struggle- I don't like the smell of any vinegar! This terrible tasting little drink has lots of amazing benefits. Some big ones for a lot of people include weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels and improving diabetes. It helps with stomach troubles, helps thin mucus when you are stuffed up and countless other benefits. Make sure to buy organic. I have no preference since I have a hard time with it anyways!

Food dehydrator- we found an inexpensive one a few years ago.. You can source them on groupon or amazon. Its great for making dehydrated snacks. We find that most fruits at stores are dehydrated with sugar added- no good.

MCT oil ( medium chain triglycerides)- this one is fantastic. Jason and I love to add it to our coffee. You can also add it to salad dressings (it is flavourless so you can add it almost anywhere in your diet).

MCT oil is processed in the liver and provides the perfect natural energy. It's also great for supporting hormone imbalance and immune system support. Make sure to buy concentrated MCT oil as it is more beneficial!

Epsom salts are huge in our house. We use them every bath day for the boys. And Jason and I both use it for recovery. When we are sick, we use eucalyptus epsom salts. And on nights when the boys need more winding down, we use the lavender scented ones. Epsom salts are amazing for your muscles and joints, relieves pain, eliminates toxins from your body, and can even help with constipation ;)

I hope you find this helpful!

xoxo kodette

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