I'm going to be totally honest in this post because its all about holding myself accountable.

I had a GREAT summer. We went home to BC, I went Stampeding like a boss, a week long trip to Mexico, and so many street parties with our new (and awesome) neighbours. I summer'd hard. Too hard. Gained myself a whopping 17 pounds! Freaking couldn't believe it. I usually have better control than that. Oops!!

I felt terrible though. Slow and couldn't fit in some of my jeans. And that to me is always a big wake up call. I'm not big on weighing myself, just because I gain a lot in my man quads so easily. But I weighed in and it was tragic, lol. Its not like I wasn't working out- I was. I just wasn't eating clean and drinking more than I usually do.

So since then I have been doing a really good job of watching what I eat, cutting out the bad snacks and not eating until I'm so full that I can't move. I'm trying to eat less red meat. Although, I can't cut the pepperoni sticks out of my life. I'm trying.

I have upped my workouts. Some days I do two a days. At home I have been following the Kayla Itsiness BBG Guide, but I always add a few more exercises. I have been taking a lot of spin classes, and The Sweat Lab circuit classes if I can fit them in my schedule. I know a lot of people don't have time for 2 a days... and most days I don't either. But thats why I always do the 6am classes at The Sweat Lab. Then I'll come home and squeak in a 30 minute weight session before school, or I do it after the kids go to bed. And on my days off I do a lot of good stretching.

I have also been fortunate enough to find workout buddies who like the 6 am classes as well. It helps when people are waiting for you. You don't want to be the one that bails!

Good news for me is that I am down 14 pounds... finally kicking that extra weight... nachos, beer.. both were hanging onto my love handles for dear life :P Just a couple more to go and I'm at my normal spot. The scale doesn't usually mean that much to me, especially when I do so much weight training. But when the old jeans were busting at the seams, I had to find out how bad it really was. I'm happy to be back on track. I have more energy, I don't struggle to wake up every morning which is always nice. Overall, I just feel better. Cleaner.

Now my goal is just to tone up again, cut out more red meat and get back into juicing (I always go through phases).



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