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We are always getting into new health trends over here. Trying new things... seeing what works for us.

A few of our favourite things that we have gotten into are:

Essential oils. We have a few diffusers throughout the house. There is one in the boys room. If they're sick, it has eucalyptus in it. And on a regular night just some good old lavender.

There are some amazing oils that do wonders for your health. One of our favourites is thieves. Its great for air purifying and immune support. My good friend Natasha over at the healthy ginger, posts oil suggestions on her instagram and its always so helpful to know!

Infrared Sauna. I can't tell you how much we love it, If you have access to one take advantage! Endless health benefits.

Chia seeds. I know this is an oldie, but its a goodie. Some of my favourite recipes are FULL of chia seeds. They are high in Omega 3, they have age-defying anti-oxidants and help balance blood sugar. Recipes coming to the website soon!

Coconut oil. We use it for dry skin, in the shower & bathtub. You can also use it as a teeth whitener and for dry hair! I love to cook with it as much as I can, its the first thing I put in my smoothies every morning.

Thats it for now! Keep checking in for more posts each week.



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