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The Holidays

We had an amazing holiday over here. Both my family and Jason’s family made the trip out here from BC. Christmas is just so fun with little ones, and everyone wanted to be a part of that. We had neighbours and friends come by that added to the excitement. I love having a full house! We spent so much time outside, skating and sledding. We put together oodles of lego and just enjoyed each others company.

One thing I love about time off from school with the boys, is how much they bond. They are forced to interact more, and their brotherly bond just keeps getting better and better. Easton has really brought out the goofy (and sassy) side of Ryder, and its amazing to watch. For people with Autism things are quite black and white, not too much silliness, so we can thank Easton for bringing more personality out of Ryder. And, he is SO funny when you get him going.

Christmas is the best with our boys, they are so genuinely excited, and it just reminds me of being a kid. Our Christmas is different every year, we don’t have any real traditions since we are usually somewhere new, and spend it with whoever is around us that year. We are very relaxed and we love every second of it!

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