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Back to the grind! My kids just went back to school from their holiday break. Everyone is ready to get back into a routine! I have been slacking, but also really enjoying the time off. I also managed to get to Dallas to visit a good friend and her kids… a much needed trip. Always nice to catch up!

I did a good job with not over doing it over the holidays. I didn’t eat more than I could handle, and surprisingly only had TWO drinks! But, I had my share of lazy days. Now its back to the grind with my workouts and flush out some toxins.

For Jason’s birthday last year I gave him an infrared sauna. It has been golden in our house. We get quite a bit of use out of it. Its so great for overall health. I’ll be sitting in there as much as I can over the next few weeks. It has so many benefits: great for your hair, skin, joints, weight loss. Jason has found it so beneficial since he has stopped playing, its great for healing (and hangovers!)

We just ordered a bunch of meals from Made Foods to get back on track. Made has all the stuff you love, but in the healthy version! It’s portion controlled, and even better, its convenient. We are all about meal prep here and Made has been great for us the days we haven’t been able to make something. Plus, they have quite a few locations to choose from to make it even easier ;)

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